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Greetings Brother Knights and Clergy,

First I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate those of you who have been newly elected as Grand Knights and newly appointed Financial Secretaries and District Deputies. Thank You to all of you who have taken on these responsibilities for another Columbian year.

I have Chosen to dedicate my term as State Deputy to the Holy Family as I believe we as Knights need to strengthen and support the Family, the major building block in our society.

Faith, Family, Freedom is my motto. Practicing and learning our faith, supporting and strengthening our families and having the freedom to do these things.

Brothers last year we finished the fraternal year with negative membership growth. We lost more members to death and suspensions then we brought into the order in North Dakota. This was not because of a lack of trying and hard work from our Immediate Past State Deputy, Glenn Wagner and his team. They worked tirelessly to bring in new members into our order. Brothers it is a proven fact that the North Dakota Knights of Columbus do a lot of great works but we need to continue to grow our order to replace the great Knights we have now. We need your help to get us back in positive growth. Please ask a Catholic Man to join our honored order.

In closing, please let me know if you would like me to visit your council and I will make every effort to make it possible.

"Please Pray For Me and I Will Pray For You"

Brent J Mikkelsen
State Deputy

Faith + Family + Freedom